About me

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara, and Faculty Scientist at Berkeley Lab. I co-direct the Systems and Networking Lab (SNL) at UCSB.

At SNL, I have been utilizing my system-building skills to address a variety of pressing digital inequity challenges, namely, ensuring secure, performant, and affordable β€œInternet for All.” To this end, my current research focuses on democratizing the development of production-ready ML artifacts for self-driving networks (to ensure performant and secure connectivity with limited infrastructure and operational resources) and enabling data-driven policymaking (to ensure performant and affordable connectivity with limited capital resources).

Prospective Students

Join us in shaping a more equitable digital world! If you are interested in building systems for a more inclusive digital future, come work with us. Please find more details about my research here.

Selected Publications

Please check this page for an extended list of publications.

Ongoing Projects

  • Trustee: A framework that cracks open decision-making for black-box ML models (for networks) using high-fidelity, low-complexity, and stable decision trees.
  • BQT: A tool that queries broadband plan offerings from major ISPs in the US at street-level granularity.
  • PINOT: A programmable data-collection infrastructure at UCSB to collect fine-grained (labeled) network data at scale.
  • netUnicorn: A data-collection platform that simplifies collecting network data for different learning problems from diverse network environments.
  • netFound: A foundation model for networking data that employs self-supervised learning techniques on abundant unlabeled network data, passively collected from production environment using PINOT for task-agnostic pre-training and smaller-scale labeled network data, actively collected using PINOT and netUnicorn for task-specific fine-tuning.


As a junior researcher, it has been an absolute honor and privilege to get the opportunities to organize different workshops (and tutorials) on topics related to digital equity and self-driving networks.