Yanju Chen
yanju at cs dot ucsb dot edu

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Barbara. I am in PLSELab@UCSB, advised by Prof. Yu Feng.

I am interested in intelligent methods of program synthesis by various specifications such as texts, code snippets and input/output examples.

Specifically, I study how machines model a synthesis problem as a decision process and learn a deep representation of program behaviours from the perspectives of programming languages, natural language processing and machine learning.

Previously, I completed my B.S. and M.S. advised by Prof. Rong Pan in Computer Science at Sun Yat-sen University in 2014 and 2017 respectively.

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Maximal Multi-layer Specification Synthesis
Yanju Chen, Ruben Martins, Yu Feng
bibtex / paper / slides / data
We propose MARS, a novel synthesis framework that takes as input a multi-layer specification which combines input-output examples, textual description, and partial code snippets to capture the user intent.

Trinity: An Extensible Synthesis Framework for Data Science
Ruben Martins, Jia Chen, Yanju Chen, Yu Feng, Isil Dillig
VLDB 2019
bibtex / paper / poster / code
We introduce TRINITY, a general-purpose framework that can be used to quickly build domain-specific program synthesizers for automating many tedious tasks that arise in data science.

Automatic Emphatic Information Extraction from Aligned Acoustic Data and Its Application on Sentence Compression
Yanju Chen, Rong Pan
AAAI 2017
bibtex / paper / slides
We introduce a novel method to extract and utilize the semantic information from acoustic data and demonstrate the potential ability of the extracted emphatic information on the improvement of sentence compression.

CS 40: Foundations of Computer Science (Fall 2017)
CS 16: Problem Solving with Computers - I (Spring 2018)
CS 8: Introduction to Computer Science (Summer 2018)
CS 165A: Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2018)
CS 4: Computer Science Bootcamp (Winter 2019)
CS 130A: Data Structures and Algorithms I (Spring 2019)
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misc Easy Sip Series: Talks on Web Technologies and Designs at SYSU Cisco Team
Javascript Overlook / Chrome Extension Foundations
Web Crawler Solutions / Graphic Design Principles

Web Arts Series: Talks on Web Design at SYSU MSTC
Fireworks / HTML / CSS / Web Illusions

Maxent Models: Foundations. 2015-11-27. A Technical Talk at iPIN.

Deep Learning in Open-Domain Dialogue Systems. 2018-05-16. CS291K (Deep Learning) Course Lecture/Tutorial at UCSB.


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